National Train Your Dog Month

Welcome to 2019! While many of us have made new years resolutions, we often forget about our furry friends! So, given that January is National Train your Dog month, we challenge you to learn something new with your dog!

January is the month chosen for this holiday because many families bring a new pet into their home as a holiday gift! Unfortunately, in turn, a lot of them are surrendered due to behavioural issues. That is why training is so important! It is believed that when a dog behaves – they have a much lower chance of being brought to a shelter, etc.

There are many options for training – but the most important thing is to make sure you do your research prior to making a decision. When you make a decision on a trainer, it is a good idea to ask them to observe a class. Some things you should take note of are:

  • Do the dogs and owners seem happy? Read some reviews about the trainer and ask the other owners in the class their opinion
  • Find out what kind of things they will learn in the class? Does it fit your needs? Does it fit your goals for your dog?
  • Is socialization an important part of the class?
  • Is the training area safe and comfortable for your dog?
  • Is the training area clean? Does the trainer require up to date vaccines?
  • Does the chosen trainer use positive reinforcement?

One thing to remember is that not only should training be beneficial to you and your pet – it should also be fun!

If you have any questions or concerns about your dog and training, please do not hesitate about asking questions to any of our staff at Torbay Road Animal Hospital!

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital