Its National Mutt Day!

No matter the shape, size, or colour, all dogs are capable of enriching our lives and making our world a brighter place. They help us remain physically active, reduce stress in our day-to-day lives and give us a sense of purpose.

What are the benefits of owning a mutt?

  1. They’re one of a kind. Mixed breeds, or mutts, are like snowflakes; no two are ever the same. They each have their own variations and differences, making them special in every way. While purebreds are meant to look a certain way, your mutt will stand out.
  2. They are more affordable. Adopting a mixed breed is significantly cheaper than adopting a purebred. Purebreds can cost thousands of dollars, while mixed breeds cost a small adoption fee from a shelter, or sometimes nothing at all.
  3. Overall, they tend to be healthier. Mixed breeds are at lower risk for certain diseases from which purebreds suffer. They may enjoy a longer, healthier life than a purebred dog, and have less veterinary costs throughout their life.
  4. It will be a surprise! Mixed breeds can often be a grab bag as puppies. You never know what you might get as an adult. How tall will they be? How heavy? What dominant traits will their face shape have as an adult?
  5. You’ll help save a life. Mixed breeds make up approximately 75% of all dogs in shelters. Every year, millions of dogs and cats enter shelters; some remain for many years to come, while about a third of all those who enter end up being euthanized for lack of resources and space to house them. Whether your dog comes from a line of champion show dogs or not, they will show you an unconditional love that will make your heart feel full.

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If you are looking for a forever friend, head over to one of the local animal shelters, or check out rescue organizations to see if you can find your furry soulmate.

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital