Walk your Pet Month – January 2019

January is walk your pet month! Although, this time of year tends to be colder (especially in Newfoundland); your furry friend still needs to be exercised!

The following are tips for having a safe, healthy and fun walk with your dog!

Be the Pack Leader! Be in charge and control when you walk your dog! Be confident and do not let your dog walk in front of you. Your dog should always be walked by your side or even slightly behind. Always reinforce good behaviour! Carrying small treats in a pouch is always a good idea!

Ensure that you choose the right leash for your dog! There are so many different types of leashes. It is always a good idea to do some research prior to making a decision. The key when choosing a leash is to keep it short but not too tight. This will allow your pet to remain close and you will always be in control! Again, always remember to reward good behaviour, especially when they stay close to your side!

Bring with you everything you need! Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience for both you and your pet! Always carry poop bags for cleaning up your dog’s mess! During the hotter times, it’s a good idea to carry water for both of you! And as previously mentioned, carry your pets favourite bite-sized treats for a reward!

Change it up! Just as us human’s get bored – so does your dog ! Go to a different park or walk up a different street! Changing up the scenery can keep it exciting!

Know how far to walk! No one knows your dog better than you! Always keep in mind how much they can handle! Always consider their age, health and walking surroundings! Walks should be an enjoyable thing for your dog!

These are just some basic tips for you and your pet to enjoy your daily walks! Always remember to have fun when walking your pet and stay safe!

Any questions about good walking techniques, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff at Torbay Road Animal Hospital.

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital