Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog can be a very positive and rewarding experience. You’ll get the opportunity to make an amazing new friend with an amazing animal, adopting costs less, mixed breeds are generally more healthy and, of course; you’ll save a life.

There are some things you should consider when adopting a new dog before you welcome them into your home.

Remember, dogs shed and bark. Every dog will do one or the other, if not both! If you have a low tolerance to pet hair or have family members with allergies, ask the local shelter if there are any hypoallergenic pets available. If you live somewhere with a lot of noise restriction, perhaps a dog isn’t a good fit for you.

Adopt a dog that suits your current lifestyle, be honest and realistic. If you’re a couch potato, don’t adopt a high energy dog that requires a lot of exercise. Adopt a dog with the same or similar energy requirements as your own. Talk to people who work or volunteer at the local shelters. They know these dogs best and can help make a decision.

Fit your dog into your future. If you plan on having kids, getting married, moving to a new city, make sure you are prepared to deal with these changes with your pet. Every year, thousands of pets are surrendered because family circumstances have changed. Plan ahead!

Think about who else lives in your home. If you have children, cats, other dogs or small pets; keep that in mind. You want a dog that has exposure, who can fit safely and happily with all members of your household. If you have a demanding, high-maintenance job, a young dog or puppy may not be the right fit for you. Perhaps a mature adult or senior dog would fit your lifestyle best.

Always consult with shelter staff before making your final decision, as they know these pets best. They can help you determine which pet may be the best fit for your lifestyle and your home. You can contact rescue organizations, such as Beagle Paws, Heavenly Creatures, SPCA, Rescue NL, Humane Services, or Furever Young to find a dog that fits your lifestyle. They would be happy to help!

Written by Torbay Road Animal Hospital