Lets Celebrate “Love Your Pet Day” February 20th, 2019

February is known for the month of LOVE! The month to celebrate your significant other. But, did you know it was also the month to celebrate your love for your pet too? February 20th is known as “Love your pet Day” in the veterinary & animal lovers world. It is a holiday to show our special bond with our pets & to give them some extra love & attention.

Our lives often get very busy with daily rituals such as work, school, errands, activities & so on that our loyal furry companions often come second on the list but still love you anyways. That is why “Love your pet day” is the perfect reminder to give our furry friends some extra special attention & show how much they truly mean to us.

Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate with your pet this wonderful holiday. As a human, I would love some of these so I am sure your pet will too.

Take your four-legged companion for a walk
All animals whether it is a cat or dog love exercise. This idea is primarily for canines, but it has been proven that some felines love to be on a leash too. If this is the case & your animal whether it is a cat or dog likes to go for a walk, February 20th is a great day for it. Take them somewhere new to let their sniffers go crazy. I promise they will enjoy this.

A new item
Does your pet need a new bed or leash? Have you been eyeing pretty new feeding bowls that you wanted to get for them? Does there old toy look worn? If so, then take your pet out & get them a new item. The wagging of the tail when they receive it will make your heart happy.

Delicious Treat
Everyone deserves a cheat day & that includes your furry companion! On National Love, Your Pet day take that four-legged wonder to a pet store & get them that special snack. If you are a baker at heart, you could even look up a delicious recipe & make something at the ease of your own home. Most recipes for pets are easy to find & easy to make. Not only will your pet thank you for it but it is also something you can say you tried.

Spa Day
Nothing makes your pet feel better than a good brush, clean coat & trimmed nails! Make your animal a grooming appointment on this day or treat them at home. Not only will your pet look beautiful but they will feel just as beautiful as well.

Does your pet have any furry friends they love to get together with? If so, Love your pet day is the day of all days to get them together. Meet up at a dog park or go for a romp in the woods or even a visit to yours or there owners place. Not only does your pet get out to socialize but so do you.

Last but not least, a simple rub on the head or an extra kiss or sign of affection goes a long way to that loyal animal of yours. Whatever way you choose to spend National Love your pet day make a conscientious effect to spend it with your animals they will only love you more for it!

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital