May 2-4 Weekend and Pets

The May 24th long weekend is a weekend that most of us look forward too. It is a long weekend that comes with celebration for some, fireworks for a few and camping by most.

If you are a pet lover like myself, you love to spend this weekend with your furry friend. As easy as this may sound to pack them up and take them along for the adventure however you choose to spend it. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to make your long weekend pet-friendly.

While your pet may not be able to participate in every vacation, camping is one that they certainly can, if done with responsibility. First and foremost always have your pet on a lead. You do not want to make a memorable trip turn to a stressful time by losing your pet or getting yourself in trouble by upsetting other campers who are not pet-friendly.

Take your pet to the vet before going camping. It is important to make sure they are healthy enough for the trip and that they are up to date on vaccines, flea/dewormer and tick treatment. Just like humans, tick bites can cause long term health problems in dogs.

It is always a good idea to have a pet first aid kit. Your furry friend could end up with bumps or scrapes from running in a wooded area. Or worst-case scenario gets burned from sparklers or flankers from a bonfire. Accidents can happen easily. If unsure of what to pack in a pet first aid kit, you can always call us to get some ideas.

The May 2-4 weekend celebration sometimes includes alcohol or drugs such as marijuana. These substances can be fatal to your pet when consumed. Please keep these things in a safe area, out of reach of animals. Somewhere high or locked away would be a good idea. If you suspect your animal could have gotten into any of these things, please seek medical attention.

Everyone loves fireworks and sparklers, but unfortunately, most animals do not. If this is something you would like to include in the long weekend, please be aware of your pets. Keep your animal somewhere safe or tied to a lead during fireworks. The loud noise of fireworks will most likely scare your animal, and they could run off. Sparklers are fun for all ages but again not something you want to close to your animal. Sparklers give off sparks which are hot and can burn your animal or possibly get into their eyes and cause serious damage. It will be more enjoyable for the pet and you to do them separately from your animal.

Most of all on the May 2-4 weekend have fun and be safe with your furry friend. It is a weekend to make fun memories. If you may have any other questions regarding your pet and the long weekend, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the Torbay Road Animal Hospital.


Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital