June 24, 2019 – Cat World Domination Day

Cats are cute and cuddly – could they possibly take over the world? June 24th, 2019, is a very special day for our feline friends! Cat World Domination Day was declared by Sparkle Cat on her birthday several years before she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Some consider this the most important cat day there is!

Cats are fantastic creatures! Here are some reasons why they are on their way to taking over the world:

They will help you deal with stress and difficult times. Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but one of the best ways of coping is to own a pet. Cats have been shown to help people get over their loss more quickly, and show less physical symptoms of pain, like crying. Cats serve as social support during difficult times.

You’ll have a healthier heart! Owning any pet is good for your heart and your health in general. Cats, in particular, lower your stress level—possibly since they don’t require as much effort as dogs—and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a positive calming effect. One study found that over a 10-year period cat owners were 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners!

They are the best company to have. The stereotype that dogs are more affectionate than cats is just that. It turns out that cats can be just as good of companions as dogs. A study conducted in 2003 found that having a cat in the house is emotionally the same as having a romantic partner. Since cats initiate contact most of the time, studies have shown cats will remember the kindness shown to them and return the favour later.

You will get a better nights sleep. Several studies have found that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats than with their partners, and they even report sleeping better with a cat than with a human being.

Cat’s are pretty snuggly. Do you have a cat? If not based on all of the benefits of owning one, it’s time to consider it.

Ever since ancient Egyptian times, cats have been plotting for world domination. Our purrfect feline friends have us wrapped around their cute and fuzzy little toes. From their cushy beds to silver platters cats clearly have it made. Our pampered pussycats have already conquered the internet with their adorable pictures and hilarious videos. So let me ask you this: have cats successfully taken over the world? Well… they don’t scoop our poop!

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital