Kitty Corner – It’s Holiday Time

Did you know that “The Holiday Season” can be a big trigger to stress out your feline friend!

Cats are very sensitive animals that are creatures of habit. Something as small as a change in litter or moving their favourite couch can cause them great turmoil.

Now imagine going from a calm, quiet and normal day to suddenly be surrounded by loud music, strange people coming and going, new objects all over their house (none of which they are allowed to play with) with a big tree thrown right in the middle! That would be enough to stress out even the coolest of cats!

It is important to have a quiet, safe place available for your kitty (and puppies too) to be able to go to in times of distress. There are also natural products out there to help with stress and anxiety for both cats and dogs. It is always a good idea to do a trial run beforehand to make sure you get the desired effects. If natural products aren’t working speak to your Veterinarian about other options and medications, you could try.

The effects that stress can have on a cat is not always immediate either. It can take several days for the signs to become apparent.

Common signs of stress are as follows:

  • Accidents around the house-both urinating and defecating outside of the litter box
  • Not peeing at all- in some situations stress can actually cause urinary blockages
  • Anorexia-refusal to eat
  • Becoming increasingly vocal
  • Excessive grooming and pulling out fur
  • Rapid or open mouth breathing- check gums to make sure they are nice and pink so as not to confuse stress with respiratory distress (pale pink to blue gums are signs of a more serious condition and require immediate veterinary attention)

Kitty tidbit: tinsel, ribbon, garland, sewing needles and thread (especially used for sewing your turkey) are extremely dangerous for cats. These items are so tempting that they are the primary cause for intestinal blockages and foreign bodies this time of year.

Keep your kitty safe this season!

Seasons Greetings from,
Torbay Road Animal Hospital

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital