Dr. Sanjay Ralhan


I decided to go into the veterinary field because I’ve always been passionate about Medicine & Alternative Medicine. I graduated in 1985 From PAU, in Punbaj, India. I Founded Torbay Road Animal Hospital on March 17th, 1997.

The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is the preventive medicine & holistic approach.

My first pets were a dog and a bunny.

What I love about my job is being a compassionate person. It gives me profound satisfaction to educate pet owners and treat the pets with TLC and compassion.

My favourite thing about the clinics is that all my staff members are excellent and I look forward to Monday when I will be with them. We are ONE TEAM. That’s the culture at the clinic since the beginning and it gives positive energy to all of us.

A fun fact about myself? I treated a circus leopard and Elephant in 1995 and it was fun. I also love to be in nature and gardening.