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Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Some symptoms of arthritis in dogs can include lameness, stiffness, swollen and painful joints, visible joint deformities, weight gain, irritability, appetite loss and lack of interest in any type of physical activity.

Senior Cat Care

While most of us like to remember our cats as the fluffy and cute kittens we brought home at just a few months old, they don't stay that young forever. The best way to help keep your cat as healthy as possible later in life is to recognize signs of...

Cat Deworming

Cat Deworming

Cats with outdoor access are most likely to get worms and a pregnant cat can pass worms to her kittens. Worms can be contracted from fleas, mosquitoes, soil, rodents or other prey, and the feces or vomit of other animals. Common types of worms that may turn your healthy feline...

Breeding Services for Dogs

We work closely with many breeders of a variety of purebred dog breeds and help them raise healthy puppies and mama dogs, making sure to answer all of their questions and provide them with all of the proper services they need.