Cat Fecal

In addition to regular visits for your adult cat, we recommend that you have annual fecal examinations performed by your veterinarian. Adult internal gastrointestinal parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms are usually not shed in stools, making identification of a worm problem difficult. We provide fecal floatation tests, Baermann fecal tests and Idexx diarrhea panel.

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What is a cat fecal parasite screen?

It’s the test that reveals if your cat has parasites.

What does a fecal parasite screen reveal?

It can reveal larvae, eggs and certain types of parasites.

How is a fecal parasite screen performed?

It depends on the type of test being completed.

What is the best method for collecting my cat’s stool?

Collecting it from the litter box or through a rectal exam.

How much does a cat stool test cost?

Please give us a call at the clinic at 709-753-0506 and we can answer any questions you may have including the cost of getting the test done.

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