September Is Pet Health Insurance Month

September is recognized and celebrated by veterinarians, veterinary staff, shelters, rescues, pet owners and insurance companies as Pet Insurance Month. This month is to spread the word and to promote the importance of insurance for your furry friends. To make pet owners aware of the benefits of insurance, especially in those crucial times when an accident or illness may occur. Having health insurance for your pet, it lets you focus on what matters the most, if something may happen, such as an accident or illness.

If pet insurance is something you are interested in, here are some commonly asked questions that may give you a better understanding:

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance helps ease the burden of financial costs of some or most diagnostics, treatment, medications, and helping to maintain your pet in a difficult time such as an illness or accident.

Who should get Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is beneficial to all pet owners of cats and dogs. Even laid back dogs who are not active are still predisposed to arthritis, allergies, skin conditions, etc. This also implies to your indoor kitties. Outdoor cats are at a higher risk for an accident or illness to arise, the same for your active dogs.

How do I find out more?

You can get a free quote by visiting online to whatever insurance company you may choose. Some companies are as follows:

  • Trupanion
  • PetSecure
  • Pet Plus R Us
  • PC
  • Petplan and more.

Did you know your mortgage or car insurance company may offer pet insurance as well? Also, the staff here at Torbay Road is here to help with any questions you may have.

Written by Torbay Road Animal Hospital