Pet Health Insurance Month

September is widely celebrated as Pet Health Insurance Month. Not everyone is familiar with pet insurance and its benefits or the huge relief that a client feels when met with a large bill.

The following are some benefits to having your pets insured:

  1. Allows the pet owner to save money when their pet is injured or ill.
  2. The pet owner does not have to make a difficult decision about their pet because their financial situation doesn’t allow them to treat their sick or injured pet.
  3. The pet owner can focus on the care and treatment of their pet instead of the stress of how they are going to pay their bill.
  4. Increases the treatment options that are available to their pet — something they may not have the option of if they have financial concerns.

This is just some of the many benefits of having pet insurance! Here at Torbay Road Animal Hospital, our primary provider is Trupanion. We have the option to direct bill and can offer a 30-day trial if your pet qualifies! Please call or stop into the clinic, and we can provide you with all of the information you require on getting your pets insured!

If you have any questions, please contact us today.

Written by: Torbay Road Animal Hospital