Kitty Corner – It’s Holiday Time

Did you know that “The Holiday Season” can be a big trigger to stress out your feline friend!

Preventive Measures During the Christmas Season!

The Christmas season is fast approaching & with all the hustle & bustle of continuous family gatherings, activities & feel good moments. The ongoing distractions can make you overlook the potential dangers to our furry family members. Being aware beforehand can help stop you from a trip to the veterinary...

Its National Mutt Day!

No matter the shape, size, or colour, all dogs are capable of enriching our lives and making our world a brighter place. They help us remain physically active, reduce stress in our day-to-day lives and give us a sense of purpose.

winter dog

Winter Care for Cats and Dogs

As the winter season fast approaches, many of us start thinking about shovelling, fun in the snow, and the holiday season. While temperatures are decreasing, we have to remember that our furry little friends are not immune from winters icy grip.